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Proper group travel and event planning, given the unique characteristics and construction of cruise ships as well as complex international laws and destination requirements involves significant research, analysis and time on our part. Our work is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise that is a product of extensive training and development. We research and evaluate destinations, cruise lines and cruise ships to determine the best fit for your group. A complete package includes suitable meeting facilities and supporting equipment including AV, food and beverage services and accomodations. We analyze and compare vendors to determine best quality and value that meets your specific needs, interests and budget. We coordinate itineraries, transportation, meeting and event activities and accommodations with vendors to ensure your travel and event is smooth and enjoyable event and is as hassle free as possible.

A complimentary 15 minute preplanning phone consultation is available to you by contacting Jerry Vaughn at 877 836-1949. No research will be undertaken or pricing provided in this consultation as it is a general conversation about meetings on ships and an opportunity for you to get to know a little about us to make you more comfortable.

A Plan to Go Agreement with deposit is required on all group travel and event request to initiate the planning process and perform the professional services required to properly organize, detail and arrange your event on a ship. The deposit is non-refundable, but 100% will be applied toward the cost of your travel and event package once booked through Meetings on Ships by Inspirational Journeys LLC. Upon receipt of this planning agreement, we will email you a complimentary, comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that discusses the process and considerations in conducting an event aboard a cruise ship.The PowerPoint presentation is included in the planning fee.

Once our Group Travel and Event Specialist receives your request, which you will complete in the next step, we will request bids from suitable vendors, hold space to ensure availability and present options to you. When you receive your suggested package with options we hope you will book it with us and guarantee we will do a great job for you, However, you are free to shop it on the internet or with other agencies if you like. If you choose to book your travel with another agency, your Plan to Go Deposit will be retained by Meetings on Ships by Inspirational Journeys LLC as payment for professional services rendered.
All travel arranged through Meetings on Ships offers peace of mind and confidence that you are getting high quality and value with carefully selected suppliers at a fair and reasonable price. Your Group Travel and Events Specialist is your personal advocate who will provide individual attention to detail and monitor all aspects of your booking. Your travel documents will be carefully reviewed to ensure accuracy and for any changes that may occur.
Deposit required for planning your Group Travel Program (Includes your PPT Presentation on Meetings on Ships):
  • Up to 25 Participants $150
  • 26 to 50 Participants $250
  • 51 to 150 Participants $350
  • 151 to 250 participants $450
  • 251 to 500 participants $750
  • Over 500 participants $1,000.00
Additional PPT Presentations may be purchased as follows
  • Full Ship Charters - $35
  • Incentive Awards Programs - $35
  • Meetings at All Inclusive Resorts $35

Once you complete the Planning Agreement through PayPal, you will be redirected to our Event Request Form where you will provide details of the event you would like to conduct and the important information we need to ensure we find the most appropriate, affordable and highest quality package for you.

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